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So what IS a drum circle event and why should I consider attending or sponsoring one? Well, there are hundreds of reasons, many of which are subtle and hidden in the activities themselves!
A couple of thoughts...

                                                           Why drums?
Drums have been used for thousands of years in all the world's cultures as a powerful tool for bringing people together, celebrations, communication and healing. We are witnessing a revolution around the world as people of all ages, occupations and races use drums and drumming for recreation, team building, music therapy and a host of other uses. 

Drums are immediately accessible. The human body and mind are WIRED to respond to rhythm on a very deep level. We are very rhythmic beings! A person with no drumming experience can immediately enjoy a powerful sound from drums and percussion instruments. A violin on the other hand would not be a pleasing sound in the hands of 100 beginners!

                                                           Why a circle?
A circle is a very powerful shape that creates a form where every part of the circle is equal. Remember the phrase circle the wagons? A circle was used in order to cover every angle, to see all sides to have no weaknesses.
When we use a circle for drumming, all sides are important, we are able to see and communicate with everyone else and we are all equal!

Why A Drum Circle?: Welcome
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