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Rhythm Alive For Musicians

Rhythm Alive is a program to develop and strengthen a musician's sense of rhythm and timing, as well creativity, sensitivity, listening skills and teamwork on an individual and group level, while interacting with other musicians. Every musician or group of musicians is continually in search of improved rhythmic sensibility, creativity, sensitivity, listening skills, communication, expressiveness and rhythmic accuracy. There is no method book or text book to address these issues. Only experiential lessons and real time situations such as Rhythm Alive will give performers the tools they need to achieve these goals.

Rhythm Alive will improve:

-Team Work

-Rhythm and Timing

-Tempo Control



-Listening Skills



-Body Awareness

-Reaction Time

Rhythm Alive uses the diverse percussion instruments of the worlds' cultures to put participants in a real time, totally interactive situation. Concrete and systematic activities quickly bring the participants together into a group that moves together, thinks together, works together and plays together!

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