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Rhythm Alive For Veterans,
Active Military, First Responders and their Families 

Rhythm Alive offers programs of wellness and healing for veterans, active duty personnel, first responders and their families. Through the use of music, drumming, conversation and laughter,  participants come to a place of connectedness, trust and self - empowerment. 


Rhythm Alive drumming features “in the moment” experiences for participants to address emotions and the effects of the trauma experience in a safe, trusting environment.

The group is welcomed into an area where everyone may choose their drum, participate in a brief discussion about the power of rhythm and it’s benefits. We then continue with a series of time tested drumming activities bringing about a sense of calm, connectedness, order, joy, trust and self-empowerment. Once this happens, the members are comfortable and open to share their experiences, challenges and ways to wellness.

The goal involves the use of the music to enhance group bonding, as well as the individual health and recovery goals defined within the group dynamic.

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