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Rhythm  Alive For  Athletes

Rhythm Alive with UNC Women's Basketball

Rhythm Alive with Blue Lights College Basketball

Rhythm Alive is a program to develop and strengthen an athletes sense of rhythm, timing and teamwork, on an individual level as well as on a group level, while interacting with other teammates. Our daily routine is a pattern we write ourselves. A true measure of ones success is the ability to deal with adversity or irregularity of this pattern. Winners take these irregular rhythms and are able to quickly recover and find their own rhythm and the rhythm of their team with the least amount of wasted energy.

Rhythm Alive will improve:

-Rhythm and Timing





-Body Awareness

-Reaction Time

-Tempo Awareness

-Team Work

-Stress Relief

Rhythm Alive uses the diverse percussion instruments of the worlds' cultures to put participants in a real time, totally interactive situation. Concrete and systematic activities quickly bring the participants together into a team that moves together, thinks together, works together and plays together!

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