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About Matt Savage

Matt Savage, founder and director of Rhythm Alive, has been passionate about drums and drumming since he was inside his mothers womb. 

Matt has a music education degree from the The Crane School of Music and a Masters Degree in Percussion Performance from The University of Southern California. He has been heavily involved in the marching percussion field for 35 years but also has grown to be a sought after drum circle facilitator since 1987.

He has facilitated hundreds of drum circles and training classes throughout the U.S., England and even Moscow, Russia. Rhythm Alive is a rhythm based project that helps develop rhythm, timing, teamwork and wellness for various types of organizations including corporate teams, veterans organizations, athletic teams, schools and universities, musical organizations, and communities.

Matt has facilitated drum circles for Music Educators National Conference Conventions, Percussive Arts Society Conventions, Bands of America Leadership Symposiums, Glaxo-Smith Cline, The University of North Carolina Women's Basketball team and in his family's living room at Christmas to name but a few!

He is a featured drum circle facilitator for Remo Inc., the world's largest supporter of drum circle development, a performing artist for Yamaha Musical Instruments, and an endorser of Vic Firth Drumsticks and Sabian Cymbals.

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