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Rhythm Alive

In The Community

Rhythm Alive offers a sensational way to infuse a sense of unity and celebration into any group or community event. Drumming has been used for thousands of years for ceremony and celebration. Everything from births to funerals have used drumming to punctuate the event, heightening the experience for the everyone.
No prior musical experience is needed to obtain rhythmic bliss with Matt Savage and his Rhythm Alive program. Rhythm Alive can provide instruments for up to 250 people at your next event and guide the participants though an unforgettable activity.
Experience the health and wellness benefits of groups drumming with Rhythm Alive. Stress reduction, lowered blood pressure and boosting of immune cells are all scientifically proven side effects of this unique activity.
Feel the joy of music and drumming while sharing the smiles and laughter of your community. Children, families, teams, schools, universities, churches and corporations to name just a few can all speak together in this powerful moment to create a magnificent drum song groove that represents the diverse voices of your community.

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