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Rhythm Alive and the Corporate World
Rhythm Alive can come to your location or off site to transform your corporate team, large or small, into a cohesive, synergistic group while building morale and relieving stress. Using our drums from the diverse cultures of the world, Rhythm Alive uses music and drumming to explore a variety of teambuilding concepts in a fun, safe environment. No musical experience is needed for this totally interactive, 100% participatory experience. Let us customize your experience though a short consultation prior to the event in order to focus on specific concepts or themes that coordinate with your latest philosophies.
Teambuilding Concepts Include:

-Move together - Think together   
  Work together - Play together
-Everyone's two cents are  
  dramatically important to the whole
-Listen, Perceive, React
-Lessons in Leadership
-Cooperation vs. Competition
-Use each other as a support group 
-Recover with the least amount of   
  wasted energy
-Developing Confidence and
-Relieving Stress
-Developing group creativity

Applications Include :
-Team Retreats
-Sales Meetings 
-Campaign Launches
-Large Group Celebrations 
-Staff Trainings 
-Short Ice Breakers 
-Annual Meetings